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Name: Billy Ang
B'day: 3rd July 1993
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Thursday, July 18, 2013
I'm on a flight to China right now, and long break after a levels is almost over. During this period I have a ton lot of things in the marketing world. Let's start with the working world itself which I'm pretty disgusted with. I am lucky to be a son of the director, or not I would have a harder time coping with this work although this not exactly what I want. I wanted a chance to prove my worth to prove myself to destroy all the doubts I have on myself. I want to challenge myself. However to satisfy my dad I did what is best. The working work itself is dirty and not as pressuring and stressful as I thought it will be. Maybe this only applies in Indonesia, the boss is actually the one to be afraid lose the workers I guess this happen due to the lack of quality manpower. Never in my mind that I once think a marketing scolding the gm and threatening the gm they do not want to work and the gm lost out. A marketing job is to promote the item you are selling while a commission is suppose to be an extra incentive for you to sell the item. Although this strategy has paid off by producing hardworking motivated sales but it created a money oriented environment where without money one wouldn't work to promote the item you are selling. I guess a lack of sense of belonging is a factor contributing to this environment which of course created more problems later on. The greed of money takes over sooner or later, people start snatching customers and creating  fake story or simply bushiting just because of jealousy and greed caused by money itself. This snatching of the customers of course created a loss for the company as each marketing starts slamming price and thus causing a loss in profit to the company (although the loss of profit is kept minimum by the standard pricing).  In the future of course I do hope to find a solution to all this problem. During this working period I also saw the lack of integrity in the business world while businessman themselves are looking for integrity in their partners and workers. So far in my work I have tried my best to be honest at all cost although my dad has told me not to I refused to and shall learn from my mistake and grow from there, I want to be me doing things in my way. I'm still young I still have time to make mistake and learn. 

Despite the amount of money I earned during this time I do still feel some unhappiness inside me I felt that something is missing. I also have lost friends that I used to be able to share all my thoughts to because people do change I do too we meet new people better one or i should say the one that fit us more. A part of me couldn't wait for schools to start and meet new friends how a large chunk of me am afraid of the university life as it means I'm. Closer to the dark Woking life that I have a glimpse at. I'm also afraid of meeting new people and how people will judge me I am never confident in making friends or meeting strangers unless at work. However time will tell and we can't escape it and should enjoy whatever that comes to our way. 
The last point that came to mind is people's attitude, we are human however attitude and work ethic and of course luck. Two person given the same set of instruction could produce different results . nearing a deadline some workers may choose to be depressed and sit down all day being sad while others may choose to use the remaining time to work their ass off to save their job or project. This type of mentality is the difference maker in life. This is the type of people that do not say sorry only but bother to make a change and prove their worth or at least put an effort to change rather than saying sorry from. Time to time. However I realised this skill of talking or bootlicking have brought many far in life as people wants and needs to feel good and loves to be praised. 

Another point that I don't understand is people who spends not within their mean. It's absurd to be spending people's money. In the case of emergency it maybe understandable however borrowing to shop or treat friends that's plain stupid. And people who are not well off spending on things that is not a must in life why can't people save and invest or just fucking save for emergency. While many of the one that's well off are saving. It's still question I'm seeking for answer in the future. I think that's all for now I hope I enjoy my vacation. 

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Monday, January 14, 2013

Hello guys! A level is over! Junior college sure is FUN and TIRING~ I learn a ton of things there and sure have grown up alot! The 2nd year of Junior college started far too fun! i wasnt focused on studies at all! I was busy playing around with jel yoyoyo or others! But nonetheless i managed to pull everyhting back and focus again! hopefully i will get back satisfactory result! This PJC gave me somethig very important which is a friend name Jelissa! she has been an awesome best friend for me! my favorite girl for sure! always lsitening to me! talking nonsnese and having fun with me! and of course prettaye! not forgetting my first friend in JC desiree tan jingwei! we do love eggs! Fernando too my best buddy who i share the passion for basketball and soccer although we support diff teams sadly! Cheryl too who is a very sweet girl and lastly my clasamtes and PW member who are awesome people! I also met the best teacher in my life so far Jimmy teh and timothy song!they are great teachers who inspired me and kept me motivared and hungry!

Other than JC friends I still have YOYOYO clique which includes some of the most irritating and fun loving boys around! and lame one too! of course tere too! who has been my good friend since sec3! Shereen also!
Also to my PAL verlynn who is always there for me when i need a lsitening ear! and emily too my little sister!

right now im enjoying a boring holuday in batam looking for work and slacking while trying to slim down abit! Hope life gets better and i get more money man!~ and of course to get the right girl i want! for now i think u are the one!<3 p="p">

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Friday, December 2, 2011

It is the end of the year and an eventful one for me!
I survived one year of JC and didnt regret much!
I got promoted and suprisingly did quite okay!
In PJ i made some awesome friends at least for now! cause people aint awesome forever!

JEl,Nando and ben and dom! they been great people through out the year esp nando and jel! i still have tere and the grp of yoyoyo who i have alot of fun with not forgettign verlynn!!! wohoo looking for another exciting year not next year

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Monday, August 29, 2011
hi hi !
my first year of jc is ending soon and it has been going down since a fast start i failed 2 h2 subs for midyear and make a number of "enemies" i guess and have not won u but there are bright sides to life as always!

at least im coping fine with jc life! i know i failed my 2 h2 but cause i didnt work enough! i didnt put the word hard! cause i do not need to work hard to pass!okay abit cocky la i! ya i do need to work hard! hahah!another reason is that i founhd 2 gems in jelissa and fernando they are amazing buddies to me! fernando bb and soccer say it all we have common topics! well jel although not perfect friend is someone depndable and friendly! theya re awesome friends! i still have yoyoyo tooo! friday night drinkin session with sam stupid but ya true man!i still have jw as a good lsitener! Lstly is my pal she is the best for now always there for me.i must thank her alot for being thre all the time always encouragin me..VERLYNN is her name cool girl!
Recently too had a fight with des..well i know i mistake and yet i decided to force it out of her to majke it work im evil but guuess that wil work hopefully! WHERES EMILEH AND JUDI AND JASON i wonder howa re they doin in aussie!well hope theya re havin fun maybe i need to join them lke a soon!i saw changes in fuck up facfe to a nicer face! and a nice face to a fuuck face! yes talking abt the w w for fuck! i treated u gus well in the start and here u guys come ack in fucing way i shall not go hard againjst u guys but i will not let u guys get overboard! oh ya the scary incuidence between fernando and benedict while playin bb! hahah!i goetting back my shooting feel back too recently! promos are coming in 30 days time i am aiming higher this time!hopefully i can hit it!!how abt my PW ya we are doing badly! the WR is SCREWED but we have the best resources and yeah im gonna push it! cause im the engine for u guys! hahahhaa! soon gonna meet up with sher and hamizan! well and of cos waiting for tere to ask me out when ah!? haiya too busy fr me! hahah mabe time to move on and fuc off? but let nature take its coursei guess ahll not force things out! and i wanna eat buffet! and this econs teacher who is as cocky as 10 of me omg! its crazy but if wad he say is ture i might turn to be a top student oh yeah!im ike hell yeah!and yeah im spending alot recently need to cut on my spemding but liek abi thard ah!oh yeah talking abt man u! they are like owning 8-2 win to arsenal crazy! performing like champons! hahah! i like cleverley!I HOPE U LOVE ME TOO but its getting impossible! byeee!

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Thursday, May 12, 2011
I have no mood to do hw.... grrrrrrr arghhhhhhhhh! i wanna playyyyy!!! haveeee funnn! interact with peopleeeee!!! not do paperssss BORING!!!!!!! omg!!!!!!!!!

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Monday, May 9, 2011
Hey guys! JC life isnt getting any more relaxed! its gonna be tougher! but who cares! life still msut enjoy! been having a hard time with msyelf..got this homesickness back..the feeling is like during sec 2! ya gonna get thru this! hahaha! SOOn i will ask u!

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Friday, April 15, 2011
OKKKKKK it has been 9 week in JC! ok Life has been up all the way! it just keep going up! everything seems great for now! i know soon will will drop and i must pick myself up again! just must be prepared!Studies has been quite hard esp for phy! others subs still quite okay! got myself a reasonable aim BBC so i can go econs at NTU if can better then SMU management lo! if cmi then go private! Looking at the amount of effort my friends put in their work i think i am like 1/10?!!!?? they are so hardworking and yet i am so lazy slacking around but nvm! im enjoying life (hope wont fail) ! studies doing just okok only! not so good not so bad! The people in the class has been great! not sticking to the same ppl all the time keep changing!! Chosen to speak during eng week! nervous max! but im billy i can do it!

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